Thanksgiving Dinner 2015

Thanksgiving was originally celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. It is usually celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November in United States.

Trust me or not, we decided to host a "Thanksgiving feast" just 3 days before the big day. Chose to invite our neighboring friends who have been so good to us in all these years. Can't believe its almost a decade since we moved into this community. 

The edible centerpiece "Cornucopia", According to greek mythology the horn of the goat that suckled Zeus, which broke off and became filled with fruit is a symbol of abundance. Our horn here is overflowing with plenty of fruits. Due to lack of time, I came up with a quick solution of using the crescent roll dough to make the horn shape and baked it for a little longer to get crispy enough to hold the fresh fruits.

The toughest part was to prepare the menu as half of my guests were vegetarians and the remaining mostly relishes only chicken. There were couple of my friend who are vegan too(no onions,green chillies and garlic)... Came up with a slightly american traditional dishes like Green bean casserole, stuffing topped with mashed potatoes and sour cream biscuits. Paired it with our north indian dishes such as Tandoori chicken, Jeera rice, Rajma and Panner Makkani (Jain style). Surprisingly couple of Italian dishes was like the icing on the cake. Minestrone soup and Bruschetta- sun dried tomato basil spread, cheese and olives worked very well with all the dishes. Salads such as pickled zucchini noodle, spiced up radish noodle nest filled with green olives, roasted dual colored beets and honey glazed carrots decoratively filled up the table. Desert was our all time favorite eggless brownies but this time its cream cheese filled in.

Coming to cocktails, my husband made his cleansing drink with a slight twist of substituting oranges instead of lemons - yes it a freshly blended orange juice with  parsley. And our all time favorite Mojito with fresh and sweet watermelon was  definitely a huge hit!   

We are so grateful to have such loving neighborly friends. Thanks to you all for being a part of our life!


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