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A wife to a loving husband,  mother of two handsome boys, and a successful homemaker who adores anything creative and decorative.

Amudha Siva, married and settled in the East Bay region, California.  Being a certified Interior decorator, I chose to stay at home for my boys as I love spending quality time with them. My beloved husband also my first critic and a stakeholder encourages and watches me grow. Without his motivation, I wouldn't have excelled in my painting skills nor improved in my cooking skills. 

I see this space as a creative outlet with many opportunities to play to my own strengths and eventually grow. I would like to showcase all of my masterpieces here. Apart from my delicious and easy recipes, its beautiful images would do most of the talking. As I already stated I love decorating, and I have started taking up small event decorations. Hence I can assure my presentation won't disappoint my readers. 

Painting is my passion! Being an artist is about freeing your imagination. As artists, we are all creators to create our own masterpieces - our lives. I have mastered (self-taught) glass painting and wet-on-wet oil on canvas. Specialized mainly in landscapes, birds, and abstract. Now I am also into photography to capture beautifully all that I create. 

"Some people are creative, others aren't"- I totally disagree with this quote. Creativity is an outcome of passion for the work. Experts are born with dedication and effort. My goal is to pursue my dreams at the same time pass it on to my readers. Hope this inspires you!

While this part of my life has been completely unexpected. I am so incredibly grateful for it and for you! None of this would be possible without my amazing readers. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being here and for your support. It's definitely a good start for an amazing ride! 


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