Thanksgiving 2016

An unplanned yet an intimate candlelit "Thanksgiving Dinner" with family. A display of edible table set up with multi-cuisine specifically a quick and last minute dinner ideas for any feast.

On the day of thanksgiving my tween was inclined on a Thanksgiving Feast for our family from India rather than traveling as planned. In order to avoid disappointments we headed on a casual one eventually a complete dinner. While the boys went shopping, I draped the table with a dark chocolate brown tablecloth and a jute runner for some texture. This natural fabric goes well with my backyard harvests (Oranges with leaves, Rosemary with flowers), walnuts in shell, pumpkin, lemons and candles completed the table set up. 

Settled with a menu in the afternoon  with what was purchased. I picked easy cooking dishes that mostly required baking and broiling in the oven to complete cooking in less than 3 hours. We pardoned the traditional turkey and went with different varieties of meat. 

Started off with Shrimp garden salad with Thai peanut dressing. Topped the garden salad (romaine lettuce, red cabbage and carrots) with pan stir fried Shrimps and drizzled the homemade Thai peanut dressing. 

Italian Bruschetta, Jelapenio cheese bread slices topped with roasted tomatoes, pepper jack cheese, black olives and rosemary was broiled for 3-5 minutes for crusty bread and cheese to slight melt.

Traditional Indian Tandoori  Chicken drumsticks and thighs.  

Salmon stuffed with Crab and Lobster roll, seasoned with paprika and dill. Tied with string to hold the roll intact. Baked for 30 mins and broiled for 3 minutes on each side. 

Spicy Sweet Potato, an effortless dish we all love! Baked purple sweet potatoes for 30 mins in the oven. Peeled and cut to cool. Topped with sauteed thai chillies and red onions. 

Asparagus Casserole, a small twist from the traditional American green bean casserole. Another baked dish with cream of mushroom soup, blanched asparagus mixed and topped with fried onions.

Pecan Mushroom string Beans, a Chinese stir fry with sesame and garlic flavor, spiced with red chilly flakes. 

Store bought Fruit and Nut Cake made my work less with regards to dessert. But kids don't enjoy it much as we do. A quick fix was make Chocolate Strawberries, i'm glad some fruits were included as well. Fresh organic strawberries dipped in melted chocolate. Sprinkled some shaved white chocolate to refrigerate for about an hour. 

Ginger Apple Pomegranate Ale for "Cheers" was my tweens idea of an Apple - Pomegranate cider mixed with ginger ale is a lip-smacking drink with some fresh pomegranate fruits floating in the pink drink.

Thanks to my tween for his little helping hand and my husband for the post-dinner help to make this unplanned feast completely enjoyable. Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers who stopped by and the unknown who missed :) Eat good food to stay healthy, happy and blessed as always! Cheers!!


  1. I am awestruck with your feast display. Your food menu and it's pictures are mouthwatering. Thank you for sharing this post!


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