Enduring tranquility and endless enlightenment

It is a breathtaking sight to see one of the many beautiful things of nature. Waterfalls are one of my favorite painting subjects. Tranquil from a distance but deafening up close is the force of nature.
Waterfalls are quite abundant in nature with plenty of beauty with which an artist can derive a painting. By default they become focal points. This oil painting clearly shows the soft edges and the illusion of water in movement. The hard edges of the rocks, in contrast with the still water, is very pleasing to the viewers eyes.

Just let go... and fall like a little waterfall -Bob Ross

The challenge for a landscape artist rendering a realistic water scene that's still and in motion which gains momentum. This painting has a mixture of both moving and calm water which calls for some glazed reflections and some energetic and varied strokes to show movement and force. Generously loaded fan brush creates the never-ending splashes and the foaming with titanium white paint.

Like how we pay attention to the surrounding, painting a piece of land gives an opportunity to add other elements like rocks, trees and shrubs that takes the water scene to its next level. 

 "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in raising every time we fall"

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  1. This is one of my favorite painting of yours. Awesome Amudha!!! I am glad you shared this in detail.

  2. Thanks much Kirthika! My favorite too...;)


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