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European Tiramisu Cake

Nourishingly rich, moist and elegantly decorated layered cake will feast one's eyes and taste buds. You don't have to be sacrificial if you are on diet or super health conscious, this recipe sure will be a preferred variant to celebrate an occasion. 

Spidey Birthday Decor

Want to plan an unforgettable themed party that everyone will love? A themed party is not only majestic, chic and organized, it always stands out to create lasting memories. DIY projects are unique and so much fun to make any occasion memorable. Some valuable tips for any themed party is included.

Black Urad Bean Burger

Homemade Bean Burgers are good source of protein, iron and fiber for a daily healthy vegetarian diet. This particular burger patty is primarily made with Black gram/ Urad dal, a healthy pulse with various nutrition facts. A perfect weight watcher's recipe to reach your goal happily with low calories. 

Misty Autumn

An escape from the city for a little stroll in the misty morning woods,  will make the journey together with memories of life that grows forever.  Misty Autumn