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Abstract Oil Portrait

Being my first attempt with portrait painting, the style I chose is to create a visual experience instead of a realistic portrait. 

Horse/ Pony Themed Party Decor

Giddy up and gallop on over for a pony adventure! "My Little Pony- Friendship is magic" was the little birthday girl's all time favorite. Once the theme is decided its easy to take it from there on to create beautiful memories to treasure forever. 

Chocolate Raspberry Tofu Tart

Chocolates and Raspberries are match made in heaven. This red-berry is s infully  delicious and elegantly presented dessert will melt in your mouth. Silken tofu is an excellent guiltless alternative to the heavy cream used in making the classic filling. S mooth, creamy and rich texture is truly divine with its enticing taste.

Morning Glory Detox

Begin your day with a glass of extremely potent, refreshingly tasty and rejuvenating mocktail.