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Vegan Chocolate Cake with Buttercream frosting

A surprise three layered garden themed decadent "Vegan Chocolate Cake" with a heavenly homemade chocolate buttercream frosting with more luscious dark chocolate as toppers. Rich, moist, fluffy with lots of chocolate is a pure indulgence. Mark my word chocoholics, " Chocolate cake will get addicted to you";)

Egg Flower Chicken Soup

Whether you want a break from heavy food or something to sooth your lungs on a cold day... you are on the right page. What is more comforting than a pot of hot hearty homemade delicious chicken soup? 

Sweet Brown Rice Pongal / Sarkarai Pongal / Chakarai Pongal with Dates

It's time to celebrate prosperity, the festival of abundance. Happy Pongal to you and your family!  Our pongal special "Sweet/Sarkarai Pongal" with a slight variation using "Sweet Brown Rice" and Dates.

Eggless Wheat Banana Bread

"Happy 2017", a brand new beginning for your dreams and desires to come to reality and efforts turn into great achievements. Staring this new year with a most popular and ultimate "Banana Bread",a healthy recipe as my 1st post.