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Cherry Berry Yogurt Mousse in Chocolate Nest

A Valentine's day special! Do you agree there's an affair between chocolate and valentine's day? Surprise your valentine with this no bake Greek yogurt mousse. A tasty, healthy and an easy to make dessert for any occasion. Make ahead to make a regular meal extra special with this dessert. Just 3 main ingredients is all you need to make this decadent. Tried my chocolate nest using steel moulds but they broke while removing them. However, the plastic water bottles tend to shrink when it gets cold and it's easy to slide the chocolate nest out. These bottles are slightly squeezy to gently loosen and slide the chocolate out. Making the chocolate nest requires time, but the mouse can be prepared in a jiffy. You may opt just the mouse and pour it into a mould and set it.  If you want to make from scratch, use unflavored greek yogurt, frozen fruit of your choice, vanilla extract  and honey/agave to sweeten the yogurt.   Agar agar  can be replace with gelati