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Jalapeno Tuna Cheese Poppers

Craving for some spice to liven up your tastebuds? This cheesy popping delicious fried snack is sure to satisfy your cravings. This go-to fusion snack is not only kid friendly but also a definite crowd pleaser. Classic jalapeno popper, tuna melt sandwich and the most popular Japanese tempura; all in one transformed into this little flavorful kick starter/ appetizer for any day. 

Tahini Halva/ Turkish Halwa/ Sesame Halwa

Festive season always invites for some saporous sweets. To all the halva lovers out there - Sesame/ Tahini halva with loads of nuts and fresh fruit toppings is sure to blow your mind off.  Be assured, this nutritious and finger licking halwa will just melt in your mouth. This palatable sweet is so rich, creamy and flavorful with the nutty combination of mixed nuts and fresh fruits.