Artisan Creates

The littlest feet making tracks have powers to make everlasting footprints in our hearts
Welcome back but this time to "My New World" a treat to the eyes with some artistic images of my blissfully sleeping baby's dream come true. 

 Precious Pearl - My jewel safe in the shell

I love to observe, envision and create whatever inspires me. I was inspired with a couple of picture I came across when my son was 8-10 months old and instantly the creative juices started to flow...

Little Boy Blue is sure gonna cry, if you wake him up...

Perceived some ideas from nursery rhymes that I used to leaf through for my preschooler. 5 years back I didn't own a SLR to capture these photographs hence used just a point and shoot digital camera.

Don't be afraid to take whisks...

Hangin' out in sunshine is so much fun!

Babies day out

Everything in and around the house was a source to create the scene. Used mostly fabrics from sock to pillow covers, baby items and toys including the toy box.

Bookwork babbling, "I'm so tired... "
My weekend is all Booked...
Meet my little charming Indian Prince at his most quietest and peaceful hours of forty winks. I would be patiently waiting for him to snooze to get busy. 

Indian Prince in his royal crib
Setting the backdrop and having him in his appropriate attire precedently was convenient to keep him warm and cozy without disturbing his nap.

"Rock and Roll" - One Team One Dream

Twinkle twinkle little star
Do you know how loved you are?

A bit of heaven sent down to earth
Wish his dreams were a little longer because at- times I had to redo the shoot the following day. His catnaps gave me just half-hour window to set the scene and;finish capturing the pictures to rush to pick up my preschooler.

Yankee Doodle Danny on a Pony with a Macaroni
The best part was to keep this collection of shoot a surprise for my better-half. Every afternoon after the shoot I would gather all the fabrics and put aside in order to avoid  any suspicion by my preschooler as he is too young to keep secrets. 

HoneyBunny bunches...EveryBunny needs SomeBunny sometimes...
But he kept asking me curiously, "Mommy, why is your bedroom always messy when I get back home"? I would simply say, "I have been re-doing my closet". With a suspicious look.... He would inquire, "What? How many times will you keep doing the same"? With a big smile I would just walk away or just change topics. The later was much easier ;)

Hush little Baby Swing'n.....HuShhhhh...
One, Two, Three, Four, Five..... 
Once I caught a fish alive.
Can anyone find the pacifier?

Get hooked on fish you will love this bait as much as I do

Ouch ! My finger... But i'm not letting you gooooooo ;)

By the time my husband gets back home, the house would be speck clean with no hint lying. 

Doctor's advise - Take iron and live on greens everyday 
... being told your just like Dad 
Babies always grow by leaps and bounds. Wish they didn't have to for me to capture more beautiful clicks... 

I love you to the moon and back again
Birthday baby  in the box was so excited to stay up...

I turned 1
Party is on...
I enjoyed every siesta scene meticulously, hope you like them as well. Love to hear from you with your favorite scene.