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Horse/ Pony Themed Party Decor

Giddy up and gallop on over for a pony adventure! "My Little Pony- Friendship is magic" was the little birthday girl's all time favorite. Once the theme is decided its easy to take it from there on to create beautiful memories to treasure forever. 

Being outdoors the backdrop was the mane apart from the return gift wapping to the custom made tags to go alone.  The ice cream sundae stall and the Blueberry infused drink (recipe is coming up next on my blog) was another huge hit in this party.

Although the theme is standard, chose to incorporate the cowboy/cowgirl theme as well. A mix of both rainbow dash of colors and splashes of brown shades were pulled together in this decor. The centerpieces were created using the little pony props lying in the toy box and some cut outs were the pony's cutie marks. Made the carriage using hand painted paper bowl and attached to wooden sticks for a stable base to fix wheels on. 

Setting up the backdrop was the risk I took for some grandeur. Due to lack of time, simply opted for the same themed backdrop available. But the challenge was how to set it up with no walls... Gave thoughts and came down to two options being Foam Poster boards and Plywood. 

The later would have been easier if the required size was readily available at the store. Instead of entering into carpentry, purchased foam boards and attached them together with tape. Since it took approximately 7 poster boards, doubted if they could all stand up well for a longer period of time. The solution was to attach popsicle sticks and tape them to give a good support. This trick worked like magic as the theme goes - "Friendship magic".

Considering the windy atmosphere the backdrop was leaned towards a tree trunk in this case, and used punching machines to make holes on its sides to tie it around to secure it well. You may also use a stand or even clothes drying stand without casters to support and hold the backdrop in place. 

A small gesture to thank the little girl's besties for galloping all the way to her party with something special for every pony.  These return gifts were wrapped with jute like natural material and custom made tags were made out of foam sheets, bells and strings. Little carousel goodie pouches and candy like wrapping were other different kinds of wrapping. 

The host hired an entertainer with his pony carriage, petting zoo, magic show and face painting all in one package. Hence didn't have to concentrate on activities or games for the little pony's. It was truly a pleasant pony adventure party to say the least. 

Always wanted to go to the next level when it come to decoration, each experience teaches me new lessons that inspires me. I can't Thank You enough for taking your valuable time in reading my post. 

Themed Party / Streamer Ideas
There are hundreds of themes for any occasion, putting them together with the guidelines provided will make it easy to host one in an organized manner. Came up with some streamer ideas to make decoration fun and unique.

Planning a month before the big day makes the project distributed with no pressure in the last minute. Start deciding on the venue, number of guests, age group and the most important of all "theme"Some of the most common themes are Superhero, Princess, Disney, movie character, milestone/ decades, sports, color, season, costumes, or special occasions (like graduation, baby shower, welcome home, retirement etc.)

How to keep the guests engaged with activities and the food options must be given thoughts too. I prefer the venue to be either at my backyard or home for an elaborate decoration. But we have hosted outdoor parties at parks too. When outdoors, more attention is given to the centerpiece and the table decoration. Would you like a birthday party table with only a huge yummy cake or with an attractive and memorable centerpiece along with it? 


Birthday/Party table decor for themed party:

A party table must be the highlight of any party, hence never keep it empty. A small display of toys, unopened presents can be displayed on the table with some confetti / flower petals. Even return gifts (if uniformly arranged) can be used  on the table as a decor. Extra party hats especially masks gives a 3-D look on the table. Themed or color themed tableware with some unused streamer rolls tied to helium balloons would do the trick. For a grown up's party, candles in elegant holders, lanterns, flower bouquets or even unique collection of art piece (theme related) works well. 

Cake cutting table can be draped with a colorful plastic table cloth or find a cloth(curtain/sheet) that's appropriate with the same color theme (plain or subtle design works better ). I sometimes use my silk cloth that either blends with the theme color or as a striking contrast. Don't be afraid to use two different cloths draped on each other sometimes in an angle looks elegant. Surprisingly, paper gift wrapper can be unrolled as a tablecloth as well. I once draped a white gift wrapper and had the kids sign in with a piece of advice, wish or tip for the birthday kid. It is such a wonderful memorabilia!

Crepe Streamer ideas:

Ruffled garland, Twisty garland

Let's get crafty with some of these streaming ideas... Streamers are so versatile with its color and different patterns. You must be wondering what can be different with the uniformly rolled streamer. There are ample ideas to create your unique decoration for your upcoming party. For chained streamers check out my Color Themed Party - Blue and Green.

Some of the streamer garlands are ruffled streamers or twisty, fringe, chain , tasseled, honeycomb (using crepe paper) and much more. 

Ruffled, Honeycomb, Twisty

There are two ways to make ruffled streamers. One is to sow the streamers with the simple pleated pattern. I have used a large  width blue streamer and a small width green streamer layered on top. The streamers are pleated for about 4-5 inches, then press using finger tips to hold in place. The basic running stitch using your sowing machine will be perfect to create this ruffled pattern. If you are not into sowing, the next best and next easy method is to grab a good pair of scissors and cut the ends on either sides leaving the center to be attached or just on one side alone.

Ruffled streamers

For the twisty garland, fold the ends of large streamer lengthwise to the center and fold again so the seams are tucked inside. Now give a good press to stay intact. Attach one end on to the wall using a tape or push pin. Start twisting until the length you have precut. 

Twisty steps

Honeycomb streamers are made using decorative tissue paper. They are cut to the desired shape either a rhombus or oval shaped. Then stack them up neatly, gluing them alternatively in 2-3 different spots. The picture will guide you through this. The green and the red lines marked are glued alternatively. Trust me this is time consuming and requires a lot of patience. 

Honeycomb streamers
Now the pictures speaks, there are various patterns I came up with, which seem to be easy nevertheless some are time consuming. You may pick what works for you. 

For the tassels, grab your pair of scissors and make strips (3-5 inches in length) at the ends. These bottom strips can be twisted for a different effect. The tops can be twisted and tied to a curling string or hang on a curtain rod or simply tape it to the wall according to the height you desire. 
Tassel on curtain rods at the entry or window sill or  as part of the back drop.
More the merrier is the thumb rule. You may chose warm, cool or even contrasting colors like these. I have layered the yellow tassel streamer below for a dramatic look.

Layered Tassels  for a dramatic effect

Patterned streamers can be made using a desired length of streamers  folded into 2-3 inch square. Find the center and fold again to cut any small shape or pattern you like using scissors. Punching machine works like a gem to make patterns. The punched out  scrap was reused as confetti. 

Patterned streamers
You can create any backdrop image using these streamers like castle/fort, surf boards or underwater plants with few tiny fishes and bubbles like different sized circles (ocean theme), web or octopus (on ceiling).

Princess party - Castle backdrop using streamers/crepe paper

You might want to check out my Spidey Birthday Decor, where unused streamers were stacked up for an effortless way to bring in some height and color. 

Balloons can be stringed into a garland, or a simple straight lined above the cake cutting table or even randomly attached to the ceiling upside down can be appealing. Balloons can be hung at the door entrance along with streamers upside down to feel welcoming. Large and small balloons(water balloons filled with air) of same shape gives a good dimensional look on walls if gathered in large numbers. 

Once you start into it, you might not when to stop, ideas keep flooding in as I start to blog. If interested in detailed post on balloons or any similar decor ideas, please leave a comment/suggestion below. I would love to share more only if this inspires my readers. Enjoy getting crafty and do share your creative side with us. 

Let's create lasting memories to cherish for years! 

Themed Spidey Birthday Decor

Want to plan an unforgettable themed party that everyone will love? A themed party is not only majestic, chic and organized, it always stands out to create lasting memories. DIY projects are unique and so much fun to make any occasion memorable. Some valuable tips for any themed party is included.

It's always easy to simply purchase the themed party decoration   kit/supplies and throw a party. But don't you want to host a unique party with your personal touch to remember? Something to stand out with a striking centerpiece or backdrop without breaking the bank? 

Ideas are invariably unlimited for themed parties and they are always easy to pull together. If your boy/son wishes to be Peter Parker being a big fan of Amazing Spiderman, then this superhero themed birthday party will likely be his favorite and memorable one. 

I have attached few pictures taken previously on my son's birthday parties as we didn't pay much attention to capture all the details. Created an illustrative miniature version just for you. Ideas are flooding in currently as I decide to blog.

Let's make the birthday boy and his buddies swing from web to web. Always start with the color scheme, certainly you might know its major color being red, and blue; black and some yellow can be used to accentuate these dominating colors if you like.

Next, coming to the ceiling. Draping plain colorful plastic tablecloth (same color scheme) on the ceiling gives an instant lift for the eyes. Bright red or dark blue works very well. For this spidey theme, we may add a large web using yarn or streamers on the ceiling. The web can also be spun in a corner that is visible. 

Drawings of webs on black construction paper using glitter glue and cut-out in the same shape also works well. These webs were used for a game previously, is reused to hang on the ceiling or on walls or spread out randomly on the table. Halloween decor webs can also be reused for this theme. 

Use helium balloons else regular balloons attached to string (about a foot long) can be hung upside down for a similar inexpensive effect. Along with balloons, I have attached small webs that was in my son's toy box for an added effect. 

A tablecloth can act as a striking backdrop as well. Whether you purchase or make one is up to you, it certainly makes a huge difference. 

Centerpiece will always be the focal point. I created my centerpiece with plain cardboard and made a template to cut out squares. Stuck some stickers, cut-outs from toy-boxes and added some spiderman figures hanging. For more colorful effect, decorative party table weights were used behind the centerpiece. If you don't have the time to make one, at least use some of your child's toys (stick to the same themed toys) that is lying in his/her room or toy box. I added some spidey vehicles from our toy box. A large spidey gift bag with a bunch of balloons tied to it also can act as a centerpiece to avoid an empty table. Themed tableware (bowls, plates, cups) and also unused streamer rolls can be used to give height and color to the accent pieces.

A few cut outs or posters, stickers  of spiderman or even masks can be used on the display tablecloth to look unique instead of the store bought same themed tablecloth. Red/ White colored plain plastic table cloth can be spread out to draw a huge web using thick markers/sharpies. You may also cut out extra spiderman loot bags and tape it as a border on the table or as table skirt. 

For some props, write some words in bold like "BAM", "POW", "WHAM!", " BANG", "POP", "KRUNCH, "SMASH!", "ZAP" etc..  on foam or construction paper and attach it to a lollypop stick to act as props on the cake table. Ask your son, he might come up with more to make your job easy. 

Spiderman bubble maker can also be used if its outdoors. The birthday boy's chair can be draped with the same themed blanket, towel or even a robe can be draped. Spiderman finger rings are decorative cake toppers, kids would love to take one home. I also made  a spider dip for chips (artichoke dip shaped into spider and finished with black sesame seeds and pretzels for its legs.) Don't forget to dress up the kid appropriately. An adult in his spiderman (halloween) costume can be a good surprise for the birthday boy's wish come true!

Hope these tips and guidelines might be of help for your next upcoming birthday party. Please add a comment below if this topic interests you or might be of any use. Your inputs will guide me decide if I should continue on party decor page. Thanks for stopping by!

Color Themed Party - Blue and Green

Its all about colors! I always love the combination of blue and green hues, being nature colors it creates a soothing and relaxing mood. But when these pastels are used vibrantly it instantly stands out from the background energetic and lively. Most importantly its attractive and appealing to the eyes. Just wanted to get out of the periodic pastels and embellish with a vibrant decor for a Baby Shower... Yes, this color scheme sets the theme for the setoff to host for my best buddy!

I chose to hand make all of the decorations and started with the preparation work five weeks ahead of the big day. Created the chain streamers, floral pom-poms, paper rosette fans and mini dahlias for the paper cup bootie favor. The neutral white polka dot pattern plays a vital role to bring both the colors together harmoniously. 

The material I chose is basically different varieties of paper like crepe paper streamers, tissue papers, scrapbook papers, gift wrappers and even colorful patterned paper napkins that complements the colors to complete this DIY project successfully. The decorations were time consuming, hence the venue by default was at our place for the ease of setting the decorative craft pieces day in advance.

The centerpiece was Onesies Cupcakes that I throughly enjoyed. Don't you think these cute little decorative cupcakes are a perfect gift giving? Some of them thought these cupcakes were edible. Surprisingly these two hues played together very well not only for  baby shower, but also for a birthday party.  


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