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Biscoff/ Marie Refrigerator Cake (Vegan version included)

Refrigerator cakes are delicious, effortless and no bake/cook method to indulge for a special occasion or a quick dessert to jazz up your monotonous day to a memorable one. 

Coconut water Ginger Lemonade with Almond Pisin (Gum)

A jelly like natural coolant and a perfect thirst quencher will most likely be on top of your favorite beverage list for scorching summer days. Refreshing, nutritious, ultimate hydrating beverage made in just 2 steps. 

Lemon Ginger Vegetable Soup

Heart-warming, diet friendly, vegan, gluten-free and easy one pot soup. Flavorful, refreshing and nourishing with the right amount of spice and ingredients readily available in your pantry refrigerator. 

Paneer Capsicum Roast

Spicy and delicious vegetarian paneer roast from the authentic chettinad style to the modern table.