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Arangetram - An Event Decor

My first experience on a big event! A simple yet an appealing and inviting Arangetram set up for my long-time good friend Sridevi Jeyaraman. Arangetram event is a milestone for the dancer and I am excited to be part of it with the decorations. 

Blog-versary - Dulce de leche Molten Cake

Exactly a year ago on this day I hit the "Publish" button on my very first blog post. Celebrating 1st Blog-versary with warm  "Dulce de leche Molten Cake"  paired with cool  "Banana Crunchy Ice cream" . "Life is short. Eat dessert first". - Ernestine Ulmer

Chum Chum/ Chom Chom (Semi-homemade version included)

Stuffed and spongy like a teddy is not huggable but enjoyable with its sweet and soft texture.  Most popular and all time favorite Bengali milk sweet is similar to Rasgulla. It is stuffed with saffron flavored Mawa/Khoya made from scratch. Comes in a variety of colors (pink, yellow, white) and is all time favorite milk sweet in our family. 

Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun with Fig Mawa

Purple Sweet Potato gives a slight mutation from the authentic Gulab Jamun. Layers of rich, unexpected flavors and color makes this delicacy a succulent Indian treat that melts in you mouth. It is a wondrous way to sneak in some goodies especially on special occasions.