Cherry Blossom Painting

Welcome Spring! Blossom Festival is just around the corner, now celebrating its Golden Journey - 50th year in US. Created a stunning Cherry Blossom painting with impasto technique for a 3 dimensional impression on dual canvas.
"Only do what your heart tells you" - Princess Diana 

Cherry Blossoms
The Cherry blossom is considered the national flower of Japan. These spectacular pink flowers bloom in early spring for a relatively short time about 2-3 weeks only in a year.  

Cherry blossom festival is an important custom called Hanami (meaning "flower viewing") in Japan. It represents the fragility and the beauty of life. It's a time of renewal. Reminds us that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful at the same time, it's also tragically short. Hanami at night is called Yozakura (meaning "night bloom"). The viewing spots are crowded at night as well, with people enjoying the pink blanket of gloriously illuminated blossoms in a beautiful and romantic atmosphereThese magnificent blossoms typically are more ornamental in nature as they do not produce any fruit.  

Vibrant pink buds to the 5 petaled baby pink blossoms on the branches resembles a heart wreath in this artwork. A wooden swing hung on cherry blossom tree is something unlikely. Well, we do not have to impose boundaries when it come to art, we are free to do what we love. 

This is my very first try painting impasto for the flowers to pop from the interesting underpainting for an embossed look. Impasto, means "paste" in Italian. This medium creates a sculptured quality to a painting with its unique textures and effects. The thick paint adds an element of texture and movement to the painting. It is usually applied using a palette knife straight on the canvas. When dry, impasto provides texture making it stand out from the canvas. Oil paint is the traditional medium for impasto painting due to the viscosity of oils, their thickness and slow drying time. 

The dual square canvas (two 8"x8") when aligned and united, creates a heart wreath with its branches. The continuity of the painting  will be retained even when the two canvases are set differently. 

Underpainting and Subject
Usually the underpainting on canvas sets the foundation with its monochromatic color for the focus to be on the subject. Unusually, I wanted to chose the woody brushed pattern with two colored underpainting (Yellow ochre and Burnt Umber). The hues compliment both the interesting underpainting and the blossom impasto subject. The focus is on the techniques used  thus the exquisite subject is simple. 

Embracing spring with these cherry blossoms, as  the fragrance of the blossoms fills the heart to swing high in the air. Hope this inspires your creativity! Be merry :) 

"Give freely, love freely, and play with fervor! Don't put so many conditioned rules on your happiness. Life can be a beautiful experience if we allow it" - Steve Maraboli


  1. Beautifully created artwork. I love your cherry blossoms and the different angles with its connectivities.


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