Abstract Art - A Knife Painting

Abstract art gives the freedom to explore the artwork and assign your own meaning to the art piece. An open inquiring mind and a big imagination is all you need to understand an abstract art. You must enter the painting and see where it takes you. 

Experienced artists are confident and produce every mark with intention. Paint splatters may look random but they are put there for a reason and the techniques used in this style cannot be easily replicated. 

It is evident that I am researching new techniques, because I have always been pleasantly enjoying a bird or landscape painting. Capturing a painting is quite challenging. Tried my best in natural lighting in different times of the day for the paint hues to look accurate.

An organic or free form of painting in a visual motion was the key intention of this art piece. Repetition of abstract strokes with a painting knife in contrast with the shimmering foreground brushstroke values the elements of this painting.  The visual movement of the eye and the textures it created makes this piece unique. 

The formal qualities of an artwork is about form, color, line, texture, pattern, size, scale, composition and process. These are the basis of an art because they describe the subject of the art and what it looks like and most importantly how it is created. A good abstract art is compilation of layers. There is typically an underpainting, in this case the grey gesso (primer) and the brown hue. These layers often create the bases for the depth of an artwork.

Painting with a knife is an excellent technique that I have used mainly in this work of art for producing texture, impasto*, tiny shapes of color and sweeping areas of flat color. There is a purity of color that can be achieved when painting with a knife which is very different than with a brush. The intensity of the color is strong and the creamy texture of the paint shows up when its layered on the surface. An oil painting with a painting knife is challenging, but rewarding approach to the paint application. 

People use the term painting knife and a palette knife interchangeably. Even though it doesn't really matter, this is just a piece of knowledge that I would like to share. 

Palette knife is a long, straight blade or spatula that is used for mixing paints and mediums and also for scraping a palette clean.  It is usually blunt with no sharpened cutting edge. 
Painting knife is an artist's tool with a flexible steel blade used to apply paint on the canvas. It has a pointed tip, lowered or cranked like trowel or bends in the handle, which keeps your fingers out of the wet paint. Painting knives come in various lengths and shapes.

In contrast to this knife painting, I have emphasized some brushstrokes using my 3.5 inch brush which also acts as a shimmering focal point.

The color that is used in an art piece can elicit different moods and emotional reactions from people. Whether its a positive or negative emotion, it gets thrown on the canvas; of course with thoughts and planning put into it to add personality to the artwork. 

Neutral hues are the epitome of nature and is been used abundantly in this design. Started of the canvas with a grey gesso as a primer/under color. The neutral tones of brown represents the stability and wholesomeness and it works well for backgrounds and accents. This hue almost blends with every other shade to create a pleasing effect.

The dominating green color  takes on a cooler tone which is most pleasing to the eye as it harmonizes with the other warmer tones. The spring-like yellow based green symbolizes the beginning of something like a new birth or new growth. Metallic gold and pearl white brushstrokes gives the shimmering effect that stands out from the glossy oil paint.

The vision and visual perception is the way in which the subject appear to your eyes, based on the dimensions and the position of the eye relative to the art work. 

In person,  you can see the detailing of the brush and knife strokes, the texture, shine effect of the artwork. You can also feel the strength of the painting from across the room to judge an art work. This art piece can be displayed either vertically or horizontally, hence I endorsed at the back. 

Does this qualify as a good abstract art being my first? If you like tell us why?

* Impasto is a technique used in painting, where paint is applied on the surface very thick enough that the brush or the painting-knife strokes are visible. Paint can also be mixed right on the canvas. 


  1. awesome Amudha...love the bright colors.....when r u opening up your gallery?

  2. Thanks much Kiru! Well not anytime now. Have to have a large collection for it.


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