Sushi Rice

Sushi Rice is the basis of Sushi. Japanese short or medium grained rice such as HomaiCalifornia Calrose is starchy and helps hold the roll together very well. Rice should be shiny and not mushy, with a slightly tart and sweet taste. Here is the perfect way to make sushi rice, the base for any kind of sushi roll.

Ingredients to make Sushi Rice:
Japanese short or medium grained Sushi Rice - 1 cup 
Cold water - 1 + 1/2 cup
Seasoned rice vinegar -  1/4 cup
Sugar - 2 teaspoons
Salt - 1/2 teaspoons

Rice cooker - optional
Wooden / Plastic -  Bowl and Spatular 


1. Wash/rinse the rice until the water runs clear. 

2. In a separate bowl make the "Sushi Su"- a vinegar solution that seasons the rice. Mix vinegar, sugar and salt in a bowl and let it sit to dissolve. You may heat it up in low to dissolve completely. Stir occasionally.

3. You may use a stove top or rice cooker method of cooking the rice. I have tried both, felt the rice cooker maintains the right consistency of the rice. If using stove top, keep the heat on high, when it comes to a boil, lower the flame and cover using a lid and allow it to cook for about 6-8 mins.

4. After its cooked, transfer the rice to a wooden bowl using a wooden spatula, as the metal can ruin the texture of the rice. 

5. Now is the time to add the Sushi Su to the rice and mix gently.  Let sit for 10 mins covered with a damp cloth to prevent from drying, until ready to use.

  • Make sure the rice is well rinsed before cooking, as the excessive starch content can make the rice mushy.
  • Always work with warm rice for best results. Use only cold water to uncooked rice and then turn on the heat for best results.
  • Never refrigerate your cooked sushi rice as it can dry out easily.
  • 1 cup of uncooked rice makes 3 rolls.

Sushi is mainly served with Wasabi or Japanese horseradish. This condiment has an extremely strong pungency more akin to hot mustard than the capsaicin in chilly pepper, producing vapors that stimulates the nasal passages more than the tongue. First timers do watch out, it has to be consumed very sparingly mixed with soy sauce, as a dipping sauce for the sushi. 

Colored Sushi Rice
I have tried Green Sushi Rice and Black Sushi Rice. When rinsed a small portion of uncooked rice, I noticed the color was getting washed off as well. Hence cooked the rest without rinsing, the green sushi rice turned out mushy whereas, the black rice didn't cook well, took longer time (like brown rice). 

The best alternative I would suggest is to add food color to the rinsed white sushi rice while cooking. Divide the well rinsed uncooked sushi rice and cook them separately adding a tiny amount of food color that you desire. 

Check out my Tricolored California Sushi Roll and Philadelphia Crab Sushi Roll. There is a series of Sushi's coming up. Stay tuned!


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