Earthly Reverie - Abstract Painting

An abstract painting is the purest form of expression that can stir emotions and creatively inspire us through the different forms found in objective reality. This abstract painting "Earthly Reverie", is a pleasant and fanciful musing of this world and its physical life.

Painting is highly an intuitive process that comes from experimentation. It takes us to a greater level of depth to an entire room simply through the elements of art - color, shape and texture that artists creates.

This abstract oil painting is created on a stretched canvas that is stapled on the back. Freshly primed and textured with Gesso enumerates intensity to the professional grade oil paints to create this "Earthly Reverie". The sides (edges) of the artwork is painted and is ready to hang. 

Most likely an abstract art is random and comes from experimenting with different color combinations and tools to create a unique art. In this "Earthly Reverie", you will see the magisterial earth colors - blue, green, brown, yellow and white that zing together having a relationship creating varied shapes and lines.

It is a free style painting to build your intuition to create different elements. The thumb rule is not to think at all and do whatever comes to mind. All that I decided in readiness was the color palette. Each step led me to the next, making this a joyful experience. 

Idea of subject comes while working. The mental notes taken along with imagination procreates this masterpiece. The balance of cool and warm shades, and the readable understructure balances the techniques used in making this piece interesting and eye catching.

Earth is by far the most dynamic and spectacularly colorful planet when seen from outer space. Thanks to decades of aerial, orbital and space-based photography that makes us familiar with these global earth colors.

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  1. Awesome color combinations Amudha...Very nice!!! nice to see all your collections back.
    You should shortly open a studio and portray all..

  2. Thank you so much Kiru! I am looking forward to it as well. I am very excited to share that this artwork is sold already :)


  3. Wow!!! really!!! Super!!! I am so happy to hear that...

  4. Thanks for sharing about painting. Your Blog is really informative for us..
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