Splendor of Mother Nature

A seascape oil painting on canvas brings out the magnificent colors of mother nature.

Sunrise or Sunset ?
Seascapes are usually painted with blues and greens since we include the prime two elements (water and sky) in any seascape artwork. This rule is broken when the most magical moments of a day either the sunrise or sunset is pictured.

It is quite difficult to distinguish between a sunrise and sunset just by looking at a photograph or painting. These two events are quite similar and you cannot be totally sure unless you actually see the sun going up or down the horizon. The sun creates a magnificent view in the sky reflecting on the endless sea. The true magical colors of warm scarlet and dreamy purple and indigo hues brings out the beauty of mother nature. 

Our perspective on life is a choice and not a fixed unchangeable position.

People most associate a cooler, softer and brighter colors (yellow, orange, pink and blue) with sunrises and; dark saturated, warmer and intense colors(red, orange, magenta and vibrant purple) with sunsets.
Sunsets tend to be much grander affairs than sunrises. As we see a blaze of colors as the sun's rays are melting before the darkness creeps in. The sunset at its best when it paints the sky with warm and vibrant tones to reflects in the water.

"All endings are also beginnings,
We just don't know it at the time."
              -Mitch Albom


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