Majestic Fairyland - Birthday Decor

What is more special than the precious little angel's 1st birthday? The big "ONE" birthday bash was celebrated with this  "Majestic Fairyland" birthday themed decor. The theme says it all...
The dominating and magnificent purple and gold combination, with the very subtle magenta as an accent sets the royal color scheme for this enchanted fairyland. Another accent color chosen was ivory, it would have been a jarring contrast so kept it to the minimal to keep it elegant.

Came up with this unique wavy pattern of floral arrangements instead of a standard symmetric set-up. The fabric used is "Purple  Charmeuse Satin" for both backdrop and as the tablecloth. The accent gold tulle is used for the swaggins.  

Florals were made from scratch using raw paper, card stocks and tissues. 

The flowers are unique in its own way as they are different from each other. 

Butterflies big and small added much more to this enchanting mood. 

Golden spray painted "bundle" of twigs on to the side reminds of the joy little angel brought to the family. 

The golden tulle fabric swags (as requested) gives a finishing look to this set up.

The table was draped with more purple fabric and swagged with the gold tulle all around. The same goes as a runner too. 

Scattered gold leaves on the table is also hand made. A tiny flower on each leaf gives a simple yet an elegant look from the regular confettis. 

Apothecary jars of treasures were the golden and purple candy treats. More treats like cupcakes and the two tier birthday cake completes the edible set up. 

A rotating photo frame spray painted in gold was adorned with gold florals, leaves and butterfly for the memories of the darling angel  as part of the centerpiece to be treasured forever (sorry photo not included).

Gorgeous floral/ vine chandelier wreath is to think about things in a slightly different way. The golden wreath is hung from the ceiling using vines for a chandelier effect above the cake table.

Its a 11 inch foam that is decorated with tiny florals, golden leaves and vines hanging down. A roll of gold vine (store bought) made the work easy. More balloons ties with tulles both purple and gold alternatively accompanied the chandelier wreath.  

Wouldn't it be special to coronate the little birthday girl with a Floral Coronet/ Tiara for reaching her 1st milestone? Hot glued tiny flowers along with satin ribbons to avoid the floral wires to be worn safe.

Photo frame created and decked-up on reverse sides for both gender guests. Floral theme for the girls side and celebration theme for the boys side was again made from scratch using foam board.

Return gifts wrapping was equally time consuming and very different. 

Made candy and floral shaped wrapping which definitely stood out. 

Added to this is the 4 layered wrapping with tissues and tulles and simple gift card wrapping. Labeling on chalkboard tags and shimmering white and gold cards completed this project. 


"I have had an opportunity, to be up-close and watch the whole activities unfolded from start to finish.  I am referring to Amudha’s craftsmanship for the party decor work for Anathi’s First Birthday.    Amudha’s speciality lies in her uniqueness to be unique that sets apart from services provided by others. Each and every aspect – be it a flower, table decoration, hanging vines or even the goodie bags for kids are handmade from scratch. The items needed for making them are personally handpicked and are created one by one without any modern day tools. As you might imagine, they take a lot of time and effort. She spent several nights burning the mid-night lamp to get these done to its perfection and on time.   The work doesn’t end here.  On the day of the party, the backdrop decor took 3 hours to set-up to what was envisioned to be without any hiccups. I sincerely appreciate Amudha’s creativity and the effort put in along with the tenacity for each and every minute detail to be perfect." - Rajesh Kumar

Do leave your comment here below as how you liked this royal/ majestic fairyland birthday decor. Thanks much for all your support :) 


  1. I am spellbound by the intricate details you've worked upon. I see a sense of attachment and passion in everything you've created. It's beautiful and awesome! You are getting better and better, day by day. Lucky are your clients. All the very best for your next project.

    1. Thanks much Yadhunandhan! You truly made my day :)

  2. Hats off to your creativity Amudha! Love each and every detail of your work. The flower arrangement on the backdrop and photo frame looks beautiful and floral and the candy wrapping looks unique and fabulous. I know that you must have put lot of time to create this wonderful decoration. Amazing job.

    1. Your keen observation is much appreciated! Thanks a lot for your support Priya Ram :)

  3. It's really awesome.The uniqueness of the decorations are it's intricate work ,it's elegance and the enchantment it reflects!!Congratulations and all the very best!!!.

    1. Thank you so much Priya for your encouraging kind words :)

  4. This is the best Ammu. I wish you could do this for Vishwaja s party.

    1. Thank you dear! We can always come up with new ideas and themes :)


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