The Great Awakening

I am elated to share that today is a very special day for "Busy Mom Creates". Time just rolls and we are here celebrating the 3rd blogiversary with "The Great Awakening". 

I am extremely sorry to all my avid readers for my long silence as I have been really active volunteering with enriching communities for the past few months involving in multitudinal assignments.  Special thanks to all my followers who have been reminding and encouraging me to continue blogging. I will give my best to be more consistent henceforth. Once again thank you all for being so supportive and patient.  

"The Great Awakening" is my latest divine work of art. Shivalingam at initial glance in reality won't look like much to the layman or what a novice's (the untrained) eye sees.

For all those who don't know about Shivalingam, it is an abstract representation of the Hindu deity Shiva. An identification that reminds of the Omnipotent Lord (formless) that is seen as a symbol of energy. It encourages you to see the uniqueness of yourself and to see each of you as separated individuals within the whole.

Americans know that the roots of yoga and meditation link back deep into hinduism, a religion for seekers and achievers. Shivalingam is used for dhyana or mediation to balance the physical self to attain peace of mind and soul. 

In a small dark shrine illuminated with warm hues from the lit lamps emphasizes the smooth cylindrical upper oval and the stone like antique pedestal. This sets the platform for the divine abstract oil on canvas artwork. The unmistakable language of silence and pure vibration along with total state of focus of body and mind together helps one reach the zen mode. It involves in dropping illusions and seeing things without distortion created by your own thoughts.

Not to miss the vibration symbols, light rays and the camouflaged hanging pot (for abhishek). It symbolically indicates that life is always about movement and that there is no stagnation, so look positively. Each moment in our life is like the sacred water/ milk drop that's dedicated to the supreme truth. Have a great and blessed day!


  1. No doubts...This is definitely a great awakening painting. I love the bright colors you used.

  2. Beautiful! How did you get the stone effect? I'm amazed!

  3. Great work of art! You are truly blessed

  4. You puzzle me with your talents. You are too good. Keep sharing more of your paintings.


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