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I am back on this exciting day, as Busy Mom Creates completed another year and turns 6 in my blogging journey. Skilled crafters and newbies alike can discover that String Art is an enjoyable and simple form of wall art you can create to gift yourself.

I am so grateful to all my followers who supports and motivates me even when I am not consistent. This year has been like a roller coaster ride with so many changes and challenges to face. My journey came to a screeching halt many a times and surprisingly if you see me still holding on tight continuing my journey, it's because of you my readers. I truly respect this little space in the blogging game as I love creating. BTW, I graced your presence for the 1st time with my very 1st post being "Homemade Fudge Cocoa Brownie". 

This three dimensional string wall art stands out as a unique decor accessory on my wall. Do more what you like to enjoy the fun experimenting and creating like what I did with this art. Creating wall art to our taste and preference which suites our current decor was the main idea of this craft. California state is where were live in for more than 2 decades now. As some of you know about our recent relocation from South to North bay, I chose to incorporate it in our decor as well. Hence, choosing the theme was much easier.

String art was most popular in the 90's in the form of colorful quick stitch which many of you can relate to your childhood crafting. This string art is quicker, easier and improvised version that works with any decor. Honestly, no prior experience is required as this is my 1st attempt as well. 

This particular handcrafted wall art was made using a poster board. Although using wooden board is ideal, I keep it less complicated. Working with wood requires some carpentry craftsmanship  to cut the wooden board to the desired size. Additionally, thumb tacks are easy to work with poster board which was lying in my craft space. 

In order to have a sturdy look I decided to give it the desired texture. I cut and double primed the board to let it dry completely for couple of hours. Stained the base coat with a mix of amber and umber shades. I then made the impasto using primer and baking powder (1:3 ratio) for added texture. Imprinted circle designs and let it sit overnight to dry completely.  Redid the painting procedure but this time with my all time favorite knife painting method. Drying time took another overnight. Yes, preparing the board took almost 3 days. 

If you chose to cut down or skip your painting process you may gladly adhere a textured a scrap paper, wall paper or any natural fabric to prepare your board. Choose your theme and have a template. I would strongly advise you to gather all your materials and color coordinates to envision your final result. There is no limit to creativity, so get going with no further adieu. 

I printed a miniature California state map outline as a template for guidance and started to thumbtack the state map outline. I wouldn't say this is a perfect map as the curves on the map were quite challenging given the space I had. If you can print a larger template it makes your job easier to tack it 1st along the outline and then tear off the template. Another easier method is cut your template in order to trace it on your board. Use those notch lines as a guide to make marks all around the edge of the template.

Thumb tacks are available in various sizes, colors, and also decorative heads. I picked the simple metallic copper color tacks. The trick to work with these thumb tacks is to push the tacks all the way through the board to stay in place making sure the thumbtacks still pops up at least 1/8 of an inch to string easily and attain the 3D effect we are aiming. 

Use high quality embroidery floss or tassel making string for the mild shine outlook. You can also use yarn to string depending on your theme. Start with a simple stringing method, double knot one end and string from one corner and work around all of the tacks evenly one by one in a single direction and then go over it diagonally. You can also make distinct patterns just that a little planning will result in a unique artwork. Make sure you string it tight enough and go into each notch as you pass over it. Once done finish it off with another double knot and trim off the excess. Vola!

To hang this wall art, a shadow box works just right to treasure and admire keeping it away from dust. Creativity is an outcome of passion towards artwork! Don't forget to tag me when you recreate as I would love to admire your create side. 


  1. Superb work...the moment i saw it does look like CA map later seen description...great thoughr n creativity. Keep it going. All the best.
    Cheer'SS πŸ‘

  2. You surprise me everytime.. making me feel proud and awestruck. You are my Rockstar darling. Keep Rocking. Many more milestones to go ... πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

    1. Thank so much dear! Feeling humble with your kind and encouraging words :)

  3. Excellent! The shades and circle design on the board looks so beautiful. It blends well with California map. Hats off to your creativity Amudha! Outstanding

    1. Priya, obviously you have an eye :) Thanks a lot for your feedback dear!

  4. I have no words to appreciate your creativity!! Keep going and keep up your fabulous work


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