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Caramel Spiced Rosemary Walnut

Crunchy, delicious and easy savory snack or topping for a salad will sure be on your favorite party add-ins or on the go healthy snack. 

Earthly Reverie - Abstract Painting

An abstract painting is the purest form of expression that can stir emotions and creatively inspire us through the different forms found in objective reality. This abstract painting "Earthly Reverie", is a pleasant and fanciful musing of this world and its physical life.

Steamed Banana Blossom Falafel/ Vazhaipoo Kondai Kadalai Urundai (Vada)

Mediterranean and Indian fusion falafel is a protein rich healthy savory snack. This snack comprises 2 different healthy versions - steamed and baked without compromising flavor. The traditional South Indian Vada with a twist is sure gonna knock your sock off. 

Reigning in Harmony

Canvas Painting I would like my readers to take the privilege to suggest an appropriate title for this oil on canvas painting. Giving justice to both the background and the subject silhouettes on a breezy day can be challenging. Who's in? Oil on Canvas