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Fruit and Nut Modak/ Beetroot Kozhukattai/ Sweet dumplings

An energetic, eye catching and deliciously sweet recipe to satisfy the sweet toothed healthy eaters. Stuffed fruit and nut rice dumpling with a different outlook, replaces the traditional modak/ kozhukattai (rice dumpling) with its shape and pooran. 

Indo - Thai Yellow Curry

This is my version of Yellow Curry, very similar to the Thai curry but with Indian substitutes I readily had at home.  Curry masala is so versatile that I have tried it in many of my dishes and have recommended to my friends.  It's  none other than Madras Curry Masala.

Stuffed Cucumber Cups

Happiness is eating good food with your loved ones. Ridiculously simple, healthy and flavorful Stuffed Cucumber Cups happend at home as part of our dinner. Acts as a perfect bite sized appetizer or a healthy party snack/ hor d'oeuvre! We first eat with our eyes and so is the excitement that comes along. Presentation is key to any dish. The crunchy cucumbers and the creamy tuna filling is a luscious treat to your taste buds.  Home grown cucumber were handed over by my bestie is recreated and relished with creamy tuna filling. A lavish dash of cajun seasoning and paprika gives the spicy kick  to these summer hors d'oeuvres.  Some suggestions for vegetarians to opt for coleslaw, hummus, guacamole and salsa. The umpteen benefits of cucumbers and tuna in bite sized servings requires simple cooking. Make these bite sized hors d'oeuvre for your loved ones and s tay cool as a cucumber! PREP TIME  5 mins COOK TIME 5 mins TOTAL TIME 10 mins Category:  Hors  d'oeuvre / snack / app

Cauliflower Pizza

Instant low-carb eggetarian cauliflower crusted pizza is a flavorful and colorful Keto kid friendly dish. Now this pizza cannot be considered unhealthy!  Don't have to wait for someone else to deliver a pizza when you can bake your own  at home only with the ingredients lying in your kitchen.  No flour, no mozzarella cheese, no worries, you can still enjoy a sumptuous meal with your family as you stay home.  Sometimes if its a last min request and you can't afford to knead flour crust cauliflower comes handy and as a great option.  Fresh cauliflower rice is ideal for this cheese galore's crust making. To make the cauliflower rice, wash your cauliflower and cut into florets and run it in a food processor or pulse it in you blender in small batches until they turn grainy. Frozen  cauliflower rice* is readily available  these days in all grocery stores, make sure you thaw and drain well.  Eggs act as a binder for the crust. If you are completely vegetarian and prefe