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Shortbread Christmas Ornament Cookies (Eggless)

Christmas is right around the corner, let's sprinkle some kindness and gratitude everywhere as we are nearing the end of this year. Fun, whimsical with a touch of nostalgia is one of the highlights of this holiday treats. The Classic Shortbread Cookies are an easy and kid friendly recipe with bare minimal ingredients. Most importantly, these are guaranteed to melt in your mouth! 

Persimmon Cheesecake

Life always tastes better with an enticing cheesecake during the holiday season. No  feast can be complete without a dessert... Who cannot make room for his delicious cheesecake after a good meal? After all cheesecakes don't go to stomach but straight to the heartšŸ˜ƒSmooth, sweet and creamy cheesecake made with warm holiday spices, fresh persimmons and the orange zest is sure to knock your sock off.