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Harmonious Circles of Life! - Dual Abstract Painting

Today marks the 5th anniversary of Busy Mom Creates! I couldn't feel happier and thankful as we celebrate all my loyal readers. Words are powerless to express my gratitude for all your continued support and encouragement. Painting is my source of endless pleasure like reminiscing old memories at the end of the day. I picked up my palate after almost a year and a half and undoubtedly this process brings immense peace and happiness. With all at home, planning ahead to allot my space and time was the 1st step to create this dual oil on canvas painting.  People think abstract art is about nothing, but honestly it gives you the freedom to explore the art as it's open to interpretation. Today, contemporary art is the key style with its dynamic combination of methods, concepts, subjects and materials. Take your time to involve and examine an abstract art by its form, line, color, composition and process of building up textures. This includes the positive and negative space usage as wel…

Crab Potato Chowder

It's no overstatement to say how good this creamy, rich and delicious  Crab Potato Chowder is. A perfect fuel during cold evenings is a big bowl of piping hot chowder as part of our hearty dinner during fall/ winter. The garlic and mushroom combined flavors seems to pop on your tongue as you sip. This soup recipe saves you the hassle of making the broth and doesn't require extra time of your work; hence its almost an instant soup method.

No Bake Mango Cheesecake - double versions included

I would personally like to thank and dedicate this "No Bake Mango Cheesecake" post to each and everyone of you as Busy Mom Creates on Facebook reached 10K followers and counting...
Every single follow, like, comment, DM, email means so much to me and none of it goes unnoticed, ever. Thank you so much for being apart of this journey. It was a distant dream reaching this milestone and finally come true. I didn't prepare for this milestone as it came as a surprise to me, and by the time I could get this post ready we reached 11k :) Your encouragement motivated me to resume and here we are with strength in numbers. Your continued support is greatly appreciated! Coming to "No Bake Mango Cheesecake", its deliciously mango flavored dessert that even a kid can prepare in a jiffy. Do you know that not all cheesecake requires the crust? Well, I'm not talking about traditional cheesecake. The difference between the 2 versions mentioned are the crust and the mango flavor…

Classic Opera - A French Cake

Classic Opera is rich, creamy and enticing layered French cake. Chocolate and coffee lovers, this will be your favorite with its flavorful elements for a heavenly sweet treat. Lightly folded and deliciously layered buttercream gives it the desired lightness to make this cake extremely beguiling.

Fruit and Nut Modak/ Beetroot Kozhukattai/ Sweet dumplings

An energetic, eye catching and deliciously sweet recipe to satisfy the sweet toothed healthy eaters. Stuffed fruit and nut rice dumpling with a different outlook, replaces the traditional modak/ kozhukattai (rice dumpling) with its shape and pooran.

Indo - Thai Yellow Curry

This is my version of Yellow Curry, very similar to the Thai curry but with Indian substitutes I readily had at home.  Curry masala is so versatile that I have tried it in many of my dishes and have recommended to my friends. It's none other than Madras Curry Masala.

Stuffed Cucumber Cups

Happiness is eating good food with your loved ones. Ridiculously simple, healthy and flavorful Stuffed Cucumber Cups happend at home as part of our dinner. Acts as a perfect bite sized appetizer or a healthy party snack/ hor d'oeuvre!

We first eat with our eyes and so is the excitement that comes along. Presentation is key to any dish. The crunchy cucumbers and the creamy tuna filling is a luscious treat to your taste buds. 
Home grown cucumber were handed over by my bestie is recreated and relished with creamy tuna filling. A lavish dash of cajun seasoning and paprika gives the spicy kick to these summer hors d'oeuvres. Some suggestions for vegetarians to opt for coleslaw, hummus, guacamole and salsa.

The umpteen benefits of cucumbers and tuna in bite sized servings requires simple cooking. Make these bite sized hors d'oeuvre for your loved ones and stay cool as a cucumber! PREP TIME  5 mins COOK TIME 5 mins TOTAL TIME 10 mins Category: Hors d'oeuvre / snack / appetizer Cuisine:…