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Meringue Cookies

Classify as a cookie or a candy, Meringue beauties will be a topper on your sweet nibble list. Effortlessly whip this French cookie that is light as a feather, sweet and flavored with pure vanilla.

Banana Blossom Falafel Patty with Vegan Spreads

Healthier plant based (meatless) patty is a simple fusion of Mediterranean Falafel and Indian Banana Blossom Vada/ vazhaipoo vadai reformed into these gratifying vegan patty. The earthy combination of legumes, blossoms and greens will keep you full and happy. It is sure to please both vegetarians and omnivores alike.

Jalapeño Mint Kesari / Sweet and Spicy Kesari

Much cherished Classic Indian Kesari with a unique twist is a brand new recipe I created. A refreshing and lip-smacking mocktail, inspired and led me to experiment which resulted in this innovative Jalapeño Mint Kesari. It's remarkably delectable with the flawless aromatic mint and a hint of jalapeño peppers in the form of the authentic Indian sweet prepared on any day. The moment of fruition comes when your taste buds livens up with this refreshing and vibrant combination. 

Guacamole Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

No cook, bite-sized appetizer/ starter or hors d'oeuvre with sweet cherry tomatoes and Mexican influenced Guacamole.  The citrus tangy flavor is so refreshing with the creamy and delicious stuffing. Any new year dietary choices folks? A simple way to intake fresh, raw and nutritious vegetables prepared in no time is just for you. Skip the cheese to keep it appealing for the vegan friendly healthy freaks.