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The Cosmos of Mechanisms.

An abstract oil on canvas wall art in monochromatic color is a powerful tool in this artwork.  "By having a clear vision, even a short vision of what will happen in the future. We will be less worried and feel a little bit confident, and calm because we can manage our life in the world that is changing every second."  Ly Nguyen, Time Management: 80/20-in-80/20  

Soya Keema fritters/ Vegan meat balls

Textured vegetarian meatball is an excellent and easy nutritious starter or a snack. A great and easy way to incorporate protein and calcium with this scrumptious vegan meat ball.

Coconut and Mango Duo

Happy Valentines Day friends! Spreading a little love to be loved..  A refreshing and tasty Coconut and Mango Jelly Duo is an easy and gluten free dessert that is simple and  elegant looking.  It can also be a great vegan and all natural dessert if you pick the right ingredient mentioned. 

Rays of the Morning Sun

What is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods and the first rays of the new rising sun? "The sun is new each day" - Heraclitus